clitoral stimulator is shaped like a winged creature or manta ray, we arent quite sure

Its always nice when a new toy comes along that fulfills a much-needed role in sex toy land. The Tantus Flex is one of those toys: a double-penetration dildo made of 100% silicone (most are made of unsafe jelly). And there arent a ton of 100% silicone rabbit vibes on the market, either, which is why were thrilled about the new Vibratex Violet. This dual vibe has seriously in-depth controls (six buttons, to be exact!), and the clitoral stimulator is shaped like a winged creature or manta ray, we arent quite sure.This month, we also picked up the We-Vibe Touch, a snappy little rechargeable clit vibe with a tapered tip and a scoop on the underside, and the Silver Bullet. We chose this particular silver bullet because it has a plug-in battery pack any compatible bullet can plug into it! If you are looking for a particular style of bullet, ask us and we can special order one for you.Weve had requests for a cylinder pump.

s, so if *you* took part we say: Go check your inbox! The winner of the Sh! Goodie Bag is… C. Carothers!! Congratulations, and we hope you’ll enjoy all the goodies that’ll be coming your way within the next few days! We want to say a big massive **THANK YOU** to all the authors who.

stroke, offering both of you an added visual thrill when you bring one of sexpert Tracey Cox’s strokers into the bedroom.”I have to say I’m really pleased. Although, we’ve only used it once it seemed to work wonders (doing exactly as is advertised). My boyfriend said it was amazing!”- Beth, my blog customer.See more Sleeves & Strokers8. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight52.99Give premature ejaculation a pleasurable brush-off with STU, the male masturbator that helps train him to hold off his orgasm, so you’ll both enjoy longer-lasting lovemaking.”Entering it for the first time you can not believe how real it feels, and it has certainly allowed me to go on for longer the more I use it, which is the whole idea.”- Jarica, my blog customer.See more Complete Fleshlights9. Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager49.99Small but perfectly formed, this petite anal toy enhances his pleasure during masturbation, foreplay and sex, and can even give him hands-free orgasms without the need to stimulate the penis at all!”Tried it alone first, then while I was with my wife the second time. With a little help from her, I hit the magic “super O” three times before finishing with a bang. Now I am finally on par with her multiple Os.”- tester72479, my blog customer.See more Male Prostate Toys10. Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring7.99This might look like a man’s toy, but it’s actually a cleverly-disguised couple’s sex toy. He wears it to delay his orgasm but you’ll both enjoy extra sensation thanks to the vibrating clitoral stimulator.”Our sex life was great before and has now stepped up a gear to somewhere I don’t know. I would strongly recommend this for all couples”- SexJunkies, my blog customer.See more Vibrating Cock RIngsNeed more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect gift for him. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people’s advice on sex toys for men is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like:Top 10 Christmas Gifts for CouplesBeginner’s Guide to Male Sex ToysWomen! Here’s How to Buy Sex Toys for Men.


Want to give someone a not-so-subtle hint about the sexy items youve been coveting?

Want to give someone a not-so-subtle hint about the sexy items youve been coveting? Or maybe you just need to make a private list of the toys youre saving up for sex toys online ? Use our online stores wish list feature! Youll have the option of keeping your list all to yourself, or sharing it with a friend (or several).

holder men, and the adventures that ensue, makes captivating and thrilling reading. Join us for bubbly, cupcakes, and some delicious tales of desire and lelo INA decadence!Helen Croydon is a freelance print and broadcast journalist, living in London, who specialises in investigative reports and features .

gest passion killers is your day-to-day routine, especially if you’re cohabiting with your partner. Couples who spend their lives outside of work living in one another’s pockets tend to subconsciously schedule their sex lives, making sex a predictable event….

Heres a quick walk-through to show you the ropes.First, youll need an account in our online store. If you already have one, just go to our site and click LOGIN at the top of any page. If you do not have an account yet, click REGISTER instead vibrator.After you create your account, you will be redirected to your account page. Youll notice a small icon in the upper right click that if you need to edit your account information (name, address, etc.). Otherwise, LELO GIGI Deep Rose follows the links within your account to create a wish list. You will end up here:You must fill out every field on this page to create your wish .


We are pleased to introduce the Pocket Toyfriends!

We are pleased to introduce the Pocket Toyfriends! These new additions to the Toyfriends line are cute, small, and inexpensive. We love that they come in such a nice array of colors to match anyones preference and style.?Speaking of colors, its always exciting to see Fun Factory’s new releases because their colors are always so vibrant, and their shapes so interesting! Their latest cheap sex toys are the Boosty, Sonic, and New Wave.

Her books have been translated into German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Japanese. Eden has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio and conducts workshops on writing craft and writing about sex.Eden has long been ‘out of the closet’ as someone who has spent most of her adult life involved in BDSM practice and the fetish community as a switch, including visiting clubs and dungeons all over the US and in Canada.

ball and vibrator!Heart Throbber Internal VibratorWed recommend the Heart Throbber for:- very focussed G-spot vibration- clit stimulation! If you like clit play with a textured surface and a LELO Vibrator, the Heart Throbber internal Vibrator is definitely a good choice!- warming up befiore a hot night out wear while you get .

To make him cup her breast, but she didn’t move. She was trembling inside with desire. His hand made its way over her ribcage, the lines of her abdomen, lower, until he brushed the very top of her panties. Her sex ached. She was sure he could sense the pacing of her breath, the heated flush of her skin. But right now she couldn’t find it within herself to care. She only knew she didn’t want him to stop touching her with strap-on.He took his hand away, leaving her skin cold. Then his mouth was next to her ear, whispering, “I’m going to blindfold you now.”Panic hit her full force. “No!”“Yes.” It was a tone few would argue with.“I…I can’t do that.” “You don’t have to, Rowan. That’s the beauty of this arrangement. I’ll do everything.”About Eden BradleyBest-selling author Eden Bradley aka Eve Berlin has published a number of novels and novellas, both print and e-books, with Bantam/Delta, Berkley Heat, Harlequin Spice & HQN, Black Lace Books and Samhain Publishing.

Boosty is an adorable, bubbly butt plug just a step up in size from their popular Bootie plug, but with the same exceptionally comfortable base. The Sonic and New Wave are unique double-ended dildos that curve and ripple to provide tons of stimulation to one person or two LELO GIGI Deep Rose.Three more dildos have sprouted up on our dildo table this month, all of them on the realistic spectrum. The silicone Vixen.


Two things happen simultaneously…..

Wednesday, July 18th 7:30 p.m. $20Staying soft or going soft when you’d rather be hard is something that happens to all penises at some point. But great sex does not depend on a hard erection! Whether you are soft some of the time or all of the time you can still have hot, intense and satisfying sex alone or with a partner.Taught by Laura Rad of the Sex is Fun and Strong, Sexy & Stylish podcasts, this class will cover basic reasons why you might have trouble getting or staying hard as well as ways to encourage more erections and keep them longer. Discover hot options for non-penetrative sex, penetrative sex with toys, and prostate play.This class also covers .


Appropriate for a merchant seaman than a highly educated and sophisticated academic.‘Shush!’ I command him, leaning a little forward again and covering his mouth with my hand.Then I ride him, I really ride him, lifting up and pounding down on him again and again. Within seconds I’m coming, in a sudden, violent encore, but I work on through it, my body moving on auto while my mind sails among the stars.And still he resists me.Enough already. I hunker down, squat down really hard on him and clench my glowing sex around his cock.

This is that everyone will have encountered homophobia in some form, whether its hurtful jokes or physical violence. Homophobia is still encountered in playgrounds and workplaces, within institutions and in interpersonal relations. Homophobia has a devastating effect on lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer people.The International Day Against Homophobia intends to raise.

She loves writing about sexy, likeable people in steamy, scandalous situations, and has penned novels, novellas and novelettes for Black Lace, Harlequin, Samhain Publishing, Carina Press and a number of other houses, plus over a hundred short stories for magazines and anthologies. Best known for writing BDSM themed stories with a contemporary setting, she’s also written Victorian erotic romance for HQN.When Portia isn’t writing or reading she loves to chill out and watch the television, or spend time online, chatting with friends on Twitter, and on message boards and elsewhere. She lives in the heart of West Yorkshire with her husband and her adorable cat Alice.

It makes me see those stars again, but I grit my teeth and grip him and work him like I’ve never gripped and worked a man before.His hands grip my hips, digging into the too, too abundant flesh there, and I feel the tips of his nails threatening my skin. He’s still holding out on me! His beautiful face is an icon of strain and stubbornness, the line of his jaw hard as iron, his teeth clenched.Bugger this!Still tight on him, I rise up and crash down again.And two things happen simultaneously. No, three things. No, actually, four…Daniel snarls another seafaring oath. He comes, his hips pistoning crazily. I comeagain, the pleasure wrung from me almost as if it were pain.The ancient settee finally succumbs to the punishment we’ve inflicted on it… and the whole thing collapses under us with an almighty crash!About Portia Da CostaPortia Da Costa is a best-selling British author of romance, erotic romance and erotica, who’s been published since the early 1990s.


Anal sex, opt for a water-based lube.

The million dollar offers for Lindsay Lohan’s bare bod keep rolling in! Last week the actress-cum-morgue worker reportedly received a $1 million cheque for a full frontal photoshoot for Playboy magazine, and now she’s been offered the opportunity to let fans get.

penis pump

penis pump

anal sex, opt for a water-based lube. Water-based anal lubes are specially formulated to be thicker and longer-lasting than normal lubricants, but are still easy to wash away after use. Water-based anal lube tends to be the most popular choice as it is compatible with all toys and condoms.

The PFun Plug is designed for manual stimulation (this toy needs to be held in place or the anal sphincter muscles will have a field day pushing it out) and the shape is perfect for hitting that sweet spot!ElevenThe *big daddy* of the nJoy team!NJoy Eleven is a beautifully crafted steel dildo, specially made for those who like it large!Weighing in at 1250g, nJoy Eleven? is the only one of nJoy’s products that must be hollow, in order to keep it’s weight to a minimum!So, if you fancy a piece of nJoy’s gorgeous range of dildos and plugs, we highly recommend you pop by the Hoxton store and have a squeeze for yourself!

“If you’re looking for an anal lube to try then this is perfect, look no further!” See more Water-Based Anal Lubricants Best for Anal Sex: Silicone-Based Lube For advanced players, silicone-based lube is great. They often allow both parties to experience more sensation than water-based lube as it doesn’t need to be as thick. Silicone-based lubricants are condom safe, but shouldn’t be used with your silicone toys. Caution should be taken if using silicone-based lubes as they are often more slippery than water-based lube which can cause penetration to be deeper and faster than intended. “Goes a long way and it’s great if you want a smooth start to anal” See more Silicone-Based Lubricants Best for Anal Easing: Desensitising Anal Lube Anal easing lube is a stick.

nJoy Pure Plug is the one for you. At Sh! we stock the smallest size of Pure Plug, but it *does* also come in Medium and Large, for those who want that little bit moreThe nJoy Pure Plugs are designed to be worn throughout the day. The longer neck gives greater comfort along the anal sphincter muscles, and the slight taper creates a gentle movement when squeezed.Both the Pure Plug and PFun Plug have a curved handle ~ perfect for rocking on!P-Fun PlugIf you’re looking for a prostate massager that gives you powerful stimulation, look no further!



Don’t come on someone’s face unless they’ve given express consent.

We’re a little bit late announcing the my blog Model of the Month for September as we’ve been super busy getting lots of new lovely products live. As always, it was a challenge to choose a final winner but in the end we went with this photo of hornycouplex featuring the Anais Fanny Sheer Lace Knickers with Straps.We loved the unusual angle of the shot which was flattering to both hornycouplex and her sexy panties. There were lots of great entries received, but we felt that this shot really had the edge thanks to the tidy background, great po.


fertile window’ with an ovulation calendar (try http://www.babycentre.co.uk) or a kit from a chemists. And she should look out for her cervical mucus becoming clearer, wetter and more slippery when she’s ovulating.If you have a normal sperm count, then you’re fine to have intercourse once a day on your fertile days. But if your sperm count is low, then it’s advisable to make love every other day at this time, so you can build up to your most fertile level (we’re talking quality as opposed to quantity!).The best positions are with you on top or rear entry, as these will help to pool the sperm clos.

’t everyone’s cup of tea, so never slip in the back entrance by ‘mistake’. It’s not cool, and you’re unlikely to get invited back. Don’t come on someone’s face unless they’ve given express consent. The same goes for any kind of kinky fuckery – your new partner may not appreciated being spanked with your wooden spatula. But you can always ask, right? Have an STI? Do mention it. Before sex. (This isn’t something that should be shared out generously).Always discuss the pros and cons of opening up your relationship before actually doing so. Otherwise it’s just cheating, which is bound to not go down well with a long-term partner… Sending Thank You letters after a mutually climactic encounter may seem a tad over the top, but a well-worded text message saying you had a great time is always appreciated. Before we sign off, can we please give a big Thank You to those who took part in the #Sexual #Etiquette discussion on Twitter – your input is, as always, valued and much appreciated! If you want to share your thoughts on the topic of Sexual Etiquette, just head over to Twitter where you’ll find us.