Don’t come on someone’s face unless they’ve given express consent.

We’re a little bit late announcing the my blog Model of the Month for September as we’ve been super busy getting lots of new lovely products live. As always, it was a challenge to choose a final winner but in the end we went with this photo of hornycouplex featuring the Anais Fanny Sheer Lace Knickers with Straps.We loved the unusual angle of the shot which was flattering to both hornycouplex and her sexy panties. There were lots of great entries received, but we felt that this shot really had the edge thanks to the tidy background, great po.


fertile window’ with an ovulation calendar (try or a kit from a chemists. And she should look out for her cervical mucus becoming clearer, wetter and more slippery when she’s ovulating.If you have a normal sperm count, then you’re fine to have intercourse once a day on your fertile days. But if your sperm count is low, then it’s advisable to make love every other day at this time, so you can build up to your most fertile level (we’re talking quality as opposed to quantity!).The best positions are with you on top or rear entry, as these will help to pool the sperm clos.

’t everyone’s cup of tea, so never slip in the back entrance by ‘mistake’. It’s not cool, and you’re unlikely to get invited back. Don’t come on someone’s face unless they’ve given express consent. The same goes for any kind of kinky fuckery – your new partner may not appreciated being spanked with your wooden spatula. But you can always ask, right? Have an STI? Do mention it. Before sex. (This isn’t something that should be shared out generously).Always discuss the pros and cons of opening up your relationship before actually doing so. Otherwise it’s just cheating, which is bound to not go down well with a long-term partner… Sending Thank You letters after a mutually climactic encounter may seem a tad over the top, but a well-worded text message saying you had a great time is always appreciated. Before we sign off, can we please give a big Thank You to those who took part in the #Sexual #Etiquette discussion on Twitter – your input is, as always, valued and much appreciated! If you want to share your thoughts on the topic of Sexual Etiquette, just head over to Twitter where you’ll find us.


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