Don Wands Sweetheart Glass DildoGlass dildos have really come of age this year

No, not a post on spanking (though we will get round to it, dont worry!) but an update on the Sh! Girlz favourite new sex toys of the past year.009 has been quite a year for innovations in the world of sex toys. Weve seen the introduction of a wind-up eco-friendly vibrator, the glass dildo has come of age, and a vibe that remembers your favourite moves, so we just had to write a little bit about nine of the best!4 us Couples Vibrator9.The 4-Us Couples Vibrator From creative sex toy designers, Rocks Off, this sexy silicone ring coupled with a very powerful bullet vibrator makes the?

Innovative?4-Us, a fab vibrator for couples to enjoy togther.?Its designed to give the base of his penis a pleasing squeeze and the vibrations will really stimulate his most sensitive bits! The 4-Us also provides her clit some very focussed buzzing during penetrative sex.As the bullet is easily removable, the 4-Us also makes it a very stimulating  a clit vibe 4-Her alone!Look Ma! No Hands! 8.The SnugglepussA top seller ever since this years amazing Brighton Pride.the SnugglePuss is a completely hands-free vibrator, with the buzz being activated by the moves you make which provides an unpredictable sex toys for men but totally trilling experience.he kitten ears tease and tantalise the clit, which the curvy body of the toy gives some great G-spot action the Sh! Girlz have reports that this is an amazing toy to wear when out dancing You shake it girl!A Glass Dildo for your Sweetheart7.Don Wands Sweetheart Glass DildoGlass dildos have really come of age this year.he Sweetheart is just one of.

ibrators use innovative PowerBullet motor technology to offer incredible charge-life coupled with powerful vibrations and functions.With such a variety of different shapes and functions, there’ something for everyone in this gorgeous luxury range of vibrators.f you love G-spot stimulationPerfect for catering to all your G-spot needs, Tundra Swan has been specifically curved to meet and stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of your G-spot during penetration.Its powerful motor means that you can use it for clitoral stimulation too, but internally Tundra Swan goes the extra distance to please you.f you love clitoral stimulationTrumpeter Swan is long, slim and extremely sexy.It was the original design for the entire Swan collection and has a flexible neck for satisfying stimulation anywhere.Although you can use Trumpeter Swan sexy women for G-spot stimulation (remember that you can use both ends of all Swan sex toys), but it’ angled perfectly for diirect clitoral pleasures too.

cky to me, I like my underwear to look classy not slutty.quot;(Vampyrewillow).en seemed to appreciate the way crotchless underwear ‘framed’ the area, while a lot of women found the fact they were open and available to their partner a total turn on.We both smouldered over the idea of a hand wandering up the thigh during a dinner to discover a delectable crotchless secret..o do you think that crotchless panties are too trashy to turn you on ? Or is that the reason they turn you on? What about crotchless knickers made from exquisite materials – are they still ‘cheap’?Featured in this blog post: Crotchless Bodystockings Crotchless Knickers Crotchless Tights Crotchless Underwear Plus Size Crotchless Bodystockings Plus Size Crotchless Knickers Plus Size Crotchless Tights Plus Size Crotchless Underwear.

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