Plus its a great workout for the wearers Kegel muscles

Sh! Womenstore has always sold the very best in lesbian sex toys, and weve got a few new names and a few old favourites we couldnt resist sharing with you!Share Double Dildo1. Share Double DildoThe Share Double Dildo is a fantastic strapless strap-on design, consisting of one egg-shaped dildo, which the wearer can hold in her vagina, and a shaft which works like an ordinary strapon, for pleasuring her partner with. The strapless strap-on is great for doubling your pleasuire during strap-on play by allowing the wearer to have her fair share of fun too!

Cross would fit unless I chuck out my Chesterfield sofa.Dilemma!What I need is something compact but still full sized and inexpensive enough for a modest salary to afford.Inflatable sex furniture isn’ a new concept, but it hasn’ always been executed to great effect, but this week’s Awesome Sex Toy has it covered..he Cupid’ Couch Sex Sofa inflates to the size of a spanking bench or full-sized sex chair, ensuring you have plenty of room to experiment with new sexual positions.The sloping curves of the furniture are placed to enhance sexual positions for more satisfying sex toys brand.

Plus its a great workout for the wearers Kegel muscles, and the curve of the shaft means direct clit stimulation is also a possibility the slim shaft is suitable for anal play, so the Share Double Dildo is also great as a pegging dildo. Feelztoys Tongue Vibrator2. Feelztoys Tongue ToysWe love the Feelztoys Tongue Vibrators theyre small and cute, made of high quality silicone, and perfect for adding a bit of spice to oral sex! With a small nub on the tip to allow really focussed sensations, its ideal for ladiez who love both the intimacy of oral sex and a little bit of buzz. Feelztoys clearly know how to give the customer what she likes, too there are two Toungue Vibrators in every pack, and they come with eight spare batteries, so the fun lasts and lastsSh! Countess Dildo3. The Sh! Countess DildoOne of Sh!s very own the first strap-on dildo that also has a clit stimulator! The Sh! Countess Dildo is an elegant toy, made with high-quality siliy.

Customer care team you can contact via email, telephone and live chat.rilliant newDaily Dealsand regular excitingSpecial Offers.ur Customer Care Manager Matt says:”his is great news! My team are genuinely committed to giving the best care to our customers and our outstanding rating reflects the hard work we have all put in to achieve this.quot;ead more comments from happy customers.


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