The SexToysBrand Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

Over the next 3 days my blog brings you the ultimate guide to text sex and talking dirty! Make sure you check back each day for lots of facts, helpful instructions and dirty talk tips then add some of your own!There’s something about well written words that can make even the coldest hearted of sexy girl swoon with pure admiration. When William Shakespeare wrote his infamous Sonnet 18, he did it with the intention of wooing the woman of his dream.

Lying there, helpless and at my mercy, Ill pull out my bondage gear. But Im not not pulling out just any bondage gear. No sirree. Im pulling out the medical fetish toys. In particular the tongue forceps. Ill pull your tongue out until your root cries out in pain and youll love Curve Lingerie. This way I can explore your mouth with my eyes and then with any other body part I choose.

The tongue forceps arent limited to pulling on your tongue. Think outside the box! Use.

mall vibrator, just enough for a bit of additional pleasure without taking away from the penetration sensation.

Our last toy comes from the famous Icicles range, with their No. 24 dildo. If you want the best of the best, glass dildos are the way to go. The tentacle-like No. 24 will set you back just less than $70, but it meets all expectations. This particular Icicles model is an ideal prostate stimulator in addition to being g-spot friendly. Unlike plastic sex toys, glass dildos hold their heat, and are perfect for a bit of temperature-play. Control is a huge plus with anal toys, and the curve of the No. 24 gives you a secure way to hold onto this little piece of sex toys for men. On the health side of things, glass toys like those in the Icicles brand are much easier to keep hygienic, to avoid any issues.

Yes, these toys are priced on the very high end of the range, but thanks to the team at Adam and Eve, there are a number of ways that you can save when purchasing through the web site. Happy shopping at!


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