In the actual seat

It was fantastic to be able to 1) get back in my jods 2) have boots that fit and 3) get out with my lovely lady for a little horse ride through the snow this morning.

Strode off, crop in boot and managed not to fall off discount adult toys. I call this a win!

Im not really grumpy in the pic, more asleep. Honest. Id only had one coffee. Bleh.

More riding soon I hope

Men sitting on couch and holding hands

TUESDAY, May 15 (HealthDay News) — Should Americans be able to buy a test at the drugstore and use it to determine whether they’re infected with the virus that causes AIDS?

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel plans to debate this question Tuesday, and the answer the panel arrives at could pave the way toward a new era in HIV testing.

FDA advisory panel recommendations are not binding, but they are often followed by the agency.

[Health Buzz: FDAPanel Backs Preventative HIVDrug.]

“There is huge global momentum in support of over-the-counter testing for HIV. People desire private, discreet options that protect their confidentiality,” said Dr. Nitika Pant Pai, an assistant professor of medicine at Montreal’s McGill University who co-authored an analysis of the effectiveness of an extreme dong at-home HIV test earlier this year.

tion! Tell us who would play you over on Obsessed!) After the hookup went bad, but not due to any death thankfully, she confessed to Mr. Holistic Midwife Brendan that she had left the small knife she discreetly brought with her in a womans glove for protection if needed.

So, Mindys precautions were hilarious in their over-the-topness, but obviously in real life, safety is no laughing matter. Do you ever get paranoid when going on dates with new people? I do! I’m a total Mindy in this regard, and even though sometimes I have to roll my eyes at my own fears, Id rather be a little overly precautious than the other way around sexual. I’m all about taking whatever measures I can for as long as it takes to feel comfortable with a guy: Public meeting places, advising a friend wh.

p>I toyed with my cock for a while until Suze took over and allowed me to carefully move my hips. Although I could feel the perineal stimulator I found the sensation from the inserted section of the P Spot Rocker to be almost overwhelming and the pressure on the skin behind my scrotum to be almost irrelevant.

Suze lapped away at the clear fluid oozing from my cock and I enjoyed the firm pressure against my prostate but about five minutes in I decided to remove the dildo and try again another day. This one is going to take practice.

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Readers Tips: 3 fast oral strategies for him

3 oral sex tips for himTip: My sex tip for a man going down on a women would be slowly lick the clit up and down and place one finger inside the vagina and just hold it there, and slowly bring it in and out, the slower the better. U.

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Even more affluent, educated LGBs may be uninsured

Only one in five aging LGBs is low-income, and 35 percent are highly educated (compared with 16.6 percent of the heterosexual population), yet aging LGBs have a statistically similar rate of being uninsured (8.1 percent versus 10.6 percent of heterosexuals).

Since chronic and life-threatening health conditions appear increasingly in individuals’ early 50s, the authors studied the health of LGBs between the ages of sexy guys 50 and 70 as a first look at the likely health profile of this coming generation of LGB elderly.

And the report’s authors recommend that service providers prepare for this generation, both by providing services and resources that target LGBs and by increasing cultural competency and sensitivity among health care providers.

Access may be equal, but we know that quality of care for LGBs often isn’t, said Susan Cochran, a co-author of the study and a professor of epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health. Attitudes are changing, but we still have to continue to push to eliminate discrimination and increase understanding of the rich and diverse life experiences of these individuals to improve SexToysBrand the quality of the care they receive.

The report: The Health of Aging Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Adults in California


Eat figs and enjoy great sex!

My blog Community members share their sex tips…”An open fig is traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant.

hen playing the game. I especially liked this quote from an article on the incident: But its worth remembering that having bigger breasts will make you an easier target for your hot girl. Heh heh. Bigger boobs get attention everywhere, even in paintball.

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The SexToysBrand Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

Over the next 3 days my blog brings you the ultimate guide to text sex and talking dirty! Make sure you check back each day for lots of facts, helpful instructions and dirty talk tips then add some of your own!There’s something about well written words that can make even the coldest hearted of sexy girl swoon with pure admiration. When William Shakespeare wrote his infamous Sonnet 18, he did it with the intention of wooing the woman of his dream.

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The tongue forceps arent limited to pulling on your tongue. Think outside the box! Use.

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