Movie Publish: How you can Create Erotica STB Sutra

How to Write Erotica Sutra Some idea on how to write erotica.If you find sitting down and getting started difficult, hopefully this will help you get motivated and give you a few tips and tricks to make your erotic piece of writing hotter than ever!

WEDNESDAY, Oct.12 — A new national survey finds that significantly more teenaged males are using condoms when they have sex for the first time.

Since 2002, there has been an increase of 9 percentage points in young males who reported using a condom the first time they had sex, with 80 percent now taking that precaution.There was also an increase of 6 percentage points in males using a condom in tandem with their female partner using a hormonal method of birth control.

Teenaged girls also showed some changes in contraception use: 2 percent used a hormonal method of birth control other than the Pill in 2002, while 6 percent said they made that choice by 2010.The alternate methods included contraceptive patches, injectable devices and emergency.

ally warm up by working the room.Like stretching before a workout, give your brain time to get in the social flow when you spot a guy you want to talk to.Walk around the room, chat up people who are unintimidating, and by the time you initiate conversation with the hot guy, youll be less nervous.mile.Smile.Smile! Body language and your general vibe are incredibly important.When youre smiling and indicating your general happiness, youre communicating that your life is fun and you want to bring fun people into it, and people will respond well to that.Just go for it already! You wouldnt want a guy creepily checking you out for twenty minutes instead of just comi.

cy of running your nail down a comb.Plus the four “pearls” massage you.

I had to stop stroking my shaft almost as soon as I had started using it as Suze was keen to see what it felt like to use on me.She was very impressed by the waves of pleasure which were reflected in the expression on my face.

There were a couple of comedy moments while I was enjoying the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator.First, if you squeeze too hard the top “pearl” shoots out of its pocket! The second comedy characteristic of the stroker is that because it’s so tight (in a very nice way) if you let go of it when it’s right at the base of your penis it will shoot up the shaft and leap into the air.Hehehe.

This is a very cheap sex toy that really hits the mark.It’s not flashy or “feature packed” but it does its job so well that I can recommend it to anyone wanting a simple aid to masturbation that enhances sensation and gives you a new self-indulgent experience.

As always with toys like this you must use it with some good quality water based lubricant.


Give her amazing oral sex!

Vibrators! Lyla has a unique sense motion technology feature that controls the vibrations and patterns with a flick of your wrist. You get 16 speeds and 6 patterns with a 12 metre range. Lelo Lyla is made of phthalate free silicone and ABS plastic. It is both rechargeable and waterproof. Yes, take it in the bath with you or the hot tub with you and your partner.

Enjoy using the egg on your most sensitive erogenous.

lay spray numbs your willy so you dont ejaculate too soon, spoiling everyones fun. This delay spray also reduces over-sensitivity so that you last longer. Its been around since the early 1980s and it is a local anaesthetic used to numb the penis. This delay spray also is a lubricant that is odourless and colourless. Use Stud 100 delay spray when you have more than one sex partner so you last longer. Just stay out of funeral homes.



Susan Quilliam’s The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

The fabulous Susan Quilliam has officially released her two new books today! The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover are Susan’s latest educational offering and make absolutely fantastic Valentine’s gifts.Gorgeously presented and with beautifully worded text, these two new books offer guidance for the established couple who want to enliven their relationship and the singleton who wants to refresh their repertoire.The Romantic Lover is a little book of love.

It contains everything you need to know about getting that spark back in your relationship and maintaining it for years and years. Our personal favourite chapter here at my blog is entitled ‘oral pleasure’ because whilst it does include parts on fellatio and cunnilingus, it also includes parts on taste, tongue baths and how to develop a ‘signature move’!The Adventurous Lover is a pocket-sized book of na.

Their eyebrows. The grunts and groans lasted for several minutes, too. I wonder if there was the usual bow-chicka-bow-bow soundtrack to go with the gay porn?

Homemade porn is all the rage now. Would you like to make your own? How about some serious, no-holds-barred gay porn? Introduce penis plugs and penis dilators into the mix. The rippled penis plug with glans ring is ideal for your homemade porn movie. Its certainly different and seeing a man slowly ins.

Since we all know that the pill can’t prevent diseases like herpes, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Take your safety into your own hands!

Know when to shut up. While a guy might get turned on from a bit of moaning and a few dirty words, keep it short. Most guys can actually tell when a woman is faking an orgasm, since a partner who has paid attention to their lover can see other signs of when they are about to cum. Too much noise can be a major turn off, so save the screams for those scary movies.

Take the reins every so often. Not every guy wants to be in charge all the time. Some guys like to take a back seat and see what their lady can do to turn them on. Make the first move and really get his blood pumping in all the right places. Try sending him dirty emails letting him know all the nasty things you’ll be doing to him when he gets home – it’s a great way to take charge without having that awkward moments in the bedroom trying to figure out who’s going to do what.



Plus its a great workout for the wearers Kegel muscles

Sh! Womenstore has always sold the very best in lesbian sex toys, and weve got a few new names and a few old favourites we couldnt resist sharing with you!Share Double Dildo1. Share Double DildoThe Share Double Dildo is a fantastic strapless strap-on design, consisting of one egg-shaped dildo, which the wearer can hold in her vagina, and a shaft which works like an ordinary strapon, for pleasuring her partner with. The strapless strap-on is great for doubling your pleasuire during strap-on play by allowing the wearer to have her fair share of fun too!

Cross would fit unless I chuck out my Chesterfield sofa.Dilemma!What I need is something compact but still full sized and inexpensive enough for a modest salary to afford.Inflatable sex furniture isn’ a new concept, but it hasn’ always been executed to great effect, but this week’s Awesome Sex Toy has it covered..he Cupid’ Couch Sex Sofa inflates to the size of a spanking bench or full-sized sex chair, ensuring you have plenty of room to experiment with new sexual positions.The sloping curves of the furniture are placed to enhance sexual positions for more satisfying sex toys brand.

Plus its a great workout for the wearers Kegel muscles, and the curve of the shaft means direct clit stimulation is also a possibility the slim shaft is suitable for anal play, so the Share Double Dildo is also great as a pegging dildo. Feelztoys Tongue Vibrator2. Feelztoys Tongue ToysWe love the Feelztoys Tongue Vibrators theyre small and cute, made of high quality silicone, and perfect for adding a bit of spice to oral sex! With a small nub on the tip to allow really focussed sensations, its ideal for ladiez who love both the intimacy of oral sex and a little bit of buzz. Feelztoys clearly know how to give the customer what she likes, too there are two Toungue Vibrators in every pack, and they come with eight spare batteries, so the fun lasts and lastsSh! Countess Dildo3. The Sh! Countess DildoOne of Sh!s very own the first strap-on dildo that also has a clit stimulator! The Sh! Countess Dildo is an elegant toy, made with high-quality siliy.

Customer care team you can contact via email, telephone and live chat.rilliant newDaily Dealsand regular excitingSpecial Offers.ur Customer Care Manager Matt says:”his is great news! My team are genuinely committed to giving the best care to our customers and our outstanding rating reflects the hard work we have all put in to achieve this.quot;ead more comments from happy customers.


Your pelvic floor muscle job is to support your guts, control peeing/pooing and provide sexual function

Today we are chatting with Elaine Miller of because we want to learn more about how to best strengthen our pelvic floor muscles.Elaine is a Chartered Physiotherapist, mother of three, stand up comic, and a woman of a certain age – who has taken what we should be doing, and adding what we like to do… and, it works a treat! So, tell us more, Elaine!What are pelvic floor exercises?

Your pelvic floor muscle job is to support your guts, control peeing/pooing and provide sexual function.Not necessarily in that order Stress incontinence is associated with loss of self esteem, depression and poor orgasm quality.Not necessarily in that order 1:3 women aged 35-55, and half of women over 55 have continence issues, these are conservative estimates.So, you are not alone.This is a common problem, and can be easily treated. Coughing, .

Seconds of your very own pattern.A curved body makes it perfect for G-spot stimulation and deeply satisfying penetration – and it’s available exclusively in the UK from my blog.y blog TV’s Annabelle demonstrates the luxurious Minna Ola, explaining its amazing memory function, curvaceous form and easy-to-use buttons:To watch videos, you need Version 9.

Vincent Drambuie.Music provided by Orchestre LPow! the Northwests longest-running burlesque pit band.o be entered to win a pair of tickets to the show, all you have to do is comment on this post! Winners must be over 21.We will notify winners via email on December 8th!.


Not only does the store sell an amazing range of?

Christmas Pleasure Hunt?If you want to warm up your winter with some scorchingly hot prizes, please polish your spy glasses and join us on The Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt!?From today (Friday 7th) until Monday (10th), twelve erotica authors will be secreting pieces of information on their blog posts.

Viagra works by relaxing the blood vessels, so an erection is facilitated by more blood flowing to the penis.However, if combined with other drugs also designed to relax blood vessels (such as Nitrostat, used in treating heart conditions) then blood pressure can drop to life-threatening levels.So always get Viagra from a doctor who can first take a look at your overall health picture (there may be other factors contributing to erectile dysfunction anyway) and never risk buying it online.nfortunately the little blue pill isn’ cheap, hence the supposed ‘argains’on the Internet.NHS availability is .

l over or zip up hoodie. Please bring your ipod/headphones filled with your favorite music, yoga mat, water, and a writing pad. Burlesque props will be provided.? No dance experience required, all fitness levels welcome.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the trail, collect this info and enter a draw to win all kinds of awesome stuff!Sh! is a shop much loved by erotica authors in the UK and US.Not only does the store sell an amazing range of?top-quality products?and?sexy books, the Sh! Girlz are hugely supportive of what we do as writers.Many of us have been involved in readings at the London store, and have been lucky enough to sample the Sh! Girlz cupcakes! Time Out voted .


clitoral stimulator is shaped like a winged creature or manta ray, we arent quite sure

Its always nice when a new toy comes along that fulfills a much-needed role in sex toy land. The Tantus Flex is one of those toys: a double-penetration dildo made of 100% silicone (most are made of unsafe jelly). And there arent a ton of 100% silicone rabbit vibes on the market, either, which is why were thrilled about the new Vibratex Violet. This dual vibe has seriously in-depth controls (six buttons, to be exact!), and the clitoral stimulator is shaped like a winged creature or manta ray, we arent quite sure.This month, we also picked up the We-Vibe Touch, a snappy little rechargeable clit vibe with a tapered tip and a scoop on the underside, and the Silver Bullet. We chose this particular silver bullet because it has a plug-in battery pack any compatible bullet can plug into it! If you are looking for a particular style of bullet, ask us and we can special order one for you.Weve had requests for a cylinder pump.

s, so if *you* took part we say: Go check your inbox! The winner of the Sh! Goodie Bag is… C. Carothers!! Congratulations, and we hope you’ll enjoy all the goodies that’ll be coming your way within the next few days! We want to say a big massive **THANK YOU** to all the authors who.

stroke, offering both of you an added visual thrill when you bring one of sexpert Tracey Cox’s strokers into the bedroom.”I have to say I’m really pleased. Although, we’ve only used it once it seemed to work wonders (doing exactly as is advertised). My boyfriend said it was amazing!”- Beth, my blog customer.See more Sleeves & Strokers8. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight52.99Give premature ejaculation a pleasurable brush-off with STU, the male masturbator that helps train him to hold off his orgasm, so you’ll both enjoy longer-lasting lovemaking.”Entering it for the first time you can not believe how real it feels, and it has certainly allowed me to go on for longer the more I use it, which is the whole idea.”- Jarica, my blog customer.See more Complete Fleshlights9. Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager49.99Small but perfectly formed, this petite anal toy enhances his pleasure during masturbation, foreplay and sex, and can even give him hands-free orgasms without the need to stimulate the penis at all!”Tried it alone first, then while I was with my wife the second time. With a little help from her, I hit the magic “super O” three times before finishing with a bang. Now I am finally on par with her multiple Os.”- tester72479, my blog customer.See more Male Prostate Toys10. Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring7.99This might look like a man’s toy, but it’s actually a cleverly-disguised couple’s sex toy. He wears it to delay his orgasm but you’ll both enjoy extra sensation thanks to the vibrating clitoral stimulator.”Our sex life was great before and has now stepped up a gear to somewhere I don’t know. I would strongly recommend this for all couples”- SexJunkies, my blog customer.See more Vibrating Cock RIngsNeed more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect gift for him. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people’s advice on sex toys for men is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like:Top 10 Christmas Gifts for CouplesBeginner’s Guide to Male Sex ToysWomen! Here’s How to Buy Sex Toys for Men.