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This week, there has been lots of interesting and in-depth chat from our very own my blog Community Forums.Whether you’re a relative newbie or a regular in the community, this blog is the best place to catch up on all the brilliant topics that you may have missed this week.Orgasm ArmyEver wondered how to talk dirty? The Dirty Girl… thread is the top place for advice on how to have a conversation that will leave him wanting more!The lovely community members have helped out by providing the best information they can.

More than long enough to satisfy your every need. So use the dildo anally and use the hole in the butt as a male masturbator.

But thats not all you can do! This unique dildo may also be used as a vibrator! Just stick a bullet vibe in the hole in the butt opening, turn it on, and voila! You have a vibrator! Lend it to your female lover so she may enjoy using it as a vaginal sex toy. Enjoy those vibrations yourself.

lood flow to the vaginal region, making you more sensitive and aroused. It also helps you relax. Venicon For Women contains Epimedium, Calcium, Catuaba, Muira puama, L-Arginine, Niacine, Kolanut, Oats, Nettle, Maca, Pumpkin seed, Tribulus Terrestris extract, Ginger, Cayenne pepper, American ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Chinese ginseng, Sarsapailla, Zinc, and Caffeine. Spice up your sex life by taking sex aids like herbal supplements.



Give her amazing oral sex!

Vibrators! Lyla has a unique sense motion technology feature that controls the vibrations and patterns with a flick of your wrist. You get 16 speeds and 6 patterns with a 12 metre range. Lelo Lyla is made of phthalate free silicone and ABS plastic. It is both rechargeable and waterproof. Yes, take it in the bath with you or the hot tub with you and your partner.

Enjoy using the egg on your most sensitive erogenous.

lay spray numbs your willy so you dont ejaculate too soon, spoiling everyones fun. This delay spray also reduces over-sensitivity so that you last longer. Its been around since the early 1980s and it is a local anaesthetic used to numb the penis. This delay spray also is a lubricant that is odourless and colourless. Use Stud 100 delay spray when you have more than one sex partner so you last longer. Just stay out of funeral homes.



Tuesday Taste Test – Beer and Banana Flavoured Nipple Pasties

Ruth did not disappoint! To my desk, she brought me two different flavoured nipple pasties – Beer Flavoured and Banana Flavoured.”There’s some stuck to Jenna Jameson’s breasts if you want to lick them,” Ruth offered me as she handed over the packs. Strangely, this statement didn’t faze me in the slightest. Neither have phrases such as: – “Sexcellent!”- “Imagine you’re shoving this up your arse…”- “I’m not trying that sexy guys, I’m not trying your witchcraft!”- “So, does the Pope like ice cream then?”Which have been muttered in the my blog office during various discussions of sex and sex toys.The pasties come in simple little plastic envelopes with descriptive, pink, card tops to them. The Edible Body Pasty – Banana Flavour has the words “Bodacious Banana” on it in yellow type, whilst the Edible Body Pasties – Beer Flavour has the phrase “Beer-n-Boobs (together at last!)” on them. I never really thought of “Beer-n-Boobs” as a winning combination before but I can see the appeal – it’s like strawberries and cream, sausage and mash lelo luna beads, peanut butter and crumpets…Upon opening the pasties, I give them a quick feel with my fingers and decide from the texture that they’re not made .

you dont just nix the whole idea and head straight for the bedroom.

Whilst everyone else is likely going to wear black or for a little colour, red why not try something different when you buy sexy dresses and clubwear? How about purple? Stand out in the crowd! This sexy purple PVC mini halter dress will turn heads! You get a revealing front that shows off your cleavage as well as cut-outs along the sides.

ur cock like a charm and delivers the most incredible perineum massage, it is made of skin-safe and phthalates-free silicone. This flexible and waterproof cock ring will give you hours of sexual pleasure. Its a step above most cock rings because of the perineum stimulation. Boost the size of your adult sex toys and get additional perineum stimulation on the side! Youll enjoy sex like never before with delightful male sex toys like this one.

AN ENTIRELY NON-SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPER INTO THE TASTE, TEXTURE AND SIDE EFFECTS OF FLAVOURED NIPPLE PASTIESA Report by Carly “Pleasure” DrewMy job is sometimes exceptionally hard. Figuring out what product to lick every week is a gruelling task and occasionally I like to enlist the help of my blog PR Wonder Woman, Ruth, to help me decide. At approximately 14.32 today I sent Ruth a message asking for her suggestions about female sex toys of what I should taste this dreary Tuesday afternoon. Promptly Ruth got up from her desk and went looking for something very specific for me to lick.



Eat figs and enjoy great sex!

My blog Community members share their sex tips…”An open fig is traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant.

hen playing the game. I especially liked this quote from an article on the incident: But its worth remembering that having bigger breasts will make you an easier target for your hot girl. Heh heh. Bigger boobs get attention everywhere, even in paintball.

So what should you wear beneath your protective chest gear when playing paintball? If youve got em show em off in sexy underwear. How about sturdy?sexy corsets an.

u get six stimulation modes to turn both of you on. A two hour charge provides two hours of heavenly bliss. Enjoy!

Just turn on the bullet vibrators and let the Lelo Tor do all the heavy lifting. You get the Lelo Tor multi-speed rechargeable cock ring, a discreet and classy box, users manual, charger, and 1 year Lelo warranty. When you want to buy the best vibrators out there, try Lelo and you can buy Lelo sex toys from sex toys brand.


Susan Quilliam’s The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

The fabulous Susan Quilliam has officially released her two new books today! The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover are Susan’s latest educational offering and make absolutely fantastic Valentine’s gifts.Gorgeously presented and with beautifully worded text, these two new books offer guidance for the established couple who want to enliven their relationship and the singleton who wants to refresh their repertoire.The Romantic Lover is a little book of love.

It contains everything you need to know about getting that spark back in your relationship and maintaining it for years and years. Our personal favourite chapter here at my blog is entitled ‘oral pleasure’ because whilst it does include parts on fellatio and cunnilingus, it also includes parts on taste, tongue baths and how to develop a ‘signature move’!The Adventurous Lover is a pocket-sized book of na.

Their eyebrows. The grunts and groans lasted for several minutes, too. I wonder if there was the usual bow-chicka-bow-bow soundtrack to go with the gay porn?

Homemade porn is all the rage now. Would you like to make your own? How about some serious, no-holds-barred gay porn? Introduce penis plugs and penis dilators into the mix. The rippled penis plug with glans ring is ideal for your homemade porn movie. Its certainly different and seeing a man slowly ins.

Since we all know that the pill can’t prevent diseases like herpes, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Take your safety into your own hands!

Know when to shut up. While a guy might get turned on from a bit of moaning and a few dirty words, keep it short. Most guys can actually tell when a woman is faking an orgasm, since a partner who has paid attention to their lover can see other signs of when they are about to cum. Too much noise can be a major turn off, so save the screams for those scary movies.

Take the reins every so often. Not every guy wants to be in charge all the time. Some guys like to take a back seat and see what their lady can do to turn them on. Make the first move and really get his blood pumping in all the right places. Try sending him dirty emails letting him know all the nasty things you’ll be doing to him when he gets home – it’s a great way to take charge without having that awkward moments in the bedroom trying to figure out who’s going to do what.



The SexToysBrand Guide To Text Sex (Part 1)

Over the next 3 days my blog brings you the ultimate guide to text sex and talking dirty! Make sure you check back each day for lots of facts, helpful instructions and dirty talk tips then add some of your own!There’s something about well written words that can make even the coldest hearted of sexy girl swoon with pure admiration. When William Shakespeare wrote his infamous Sonnet 18, he did it with the intention of wooing the woman of his dream.

Lying there, helpless and at my mercy, Ill pull out my bondage gear. But Im not not pulling out just any bondage gear. No sirree. Im pulling out the medical fetish toys. In particular the tongue forceps. Ill pull your tongue out until your root cries out in pain and youll love Curve Lingerie. This way I can explore your mouth with my eyes and then with any other body part I choose.

The tongue forceps arent limited to pulling on your tongue. Think outside the box! Use.

mall vibrator, just enough for a bit of additional pleasure without taking away from the penetration sensation.

Our last toy comes from the famous Icicles range, with their No. 24 dildo. If you want the best of the best, glass dildos are the way to go. The tentacle-like No. 24 will set you back just less than $70, but it meets all expectations. This particular Icicles model is an ideal prostate stimulator in addition to being g-spot friendly. Unlike plastic sex toys, glass dildos hold their heat, and are perfect for a bit of temperature-play. Control is a huge plus with anal toys, and the curve of the No. 24 gives you a secure way to hold onto this little piece of sex toys for men. On the health side of things, glass toys like those in the Icicles brand are much easier to keep hygienic, to avoid any issues.

Yes, these toys are priced on the very high end of the range, but thanks to the team at Adam and Eve, there are a number of ways that you can save when purchasing through the web site. Happy shopping at www.sextoysbrand.com!


The SexToysBrand Guide To Text Sex (Part 2)

In part 2 of the my blog Guide to Text Sex, get some top tips on what to say and what definitely not to say…What the hell is text sex?!The basic idea behind text sex is to send an SMS message between mobile phones which shares your dirtiest and sexiest thoughts with someone else. It’s something that can be used to spice up a long term relationship or to simply let a new admirer know that you’re interested. Whilst a text message might seem a little impersonal, it does allow you to be more open than you perhaps would in a face to face situation. It can be quite hard to tell your boyfriend of several years “so how about tonight I dress up as a sexy nurse and you can play my patient?!” The text message eliminates that embarrassment factor and can often lead to a whole new level of openness you may not have experienced before.How not to do itWe’ve all been there- it’s 3am, you’re drunk, you’re horny and you decide to send a text message telling your current love interest exactly what you want to online sex toys… but instead of sending it to “Dan” you end up sending it to “Dad”. This will not give you the desired results you were looking for and will instead en.

They would sell like hotcakes! Imagine brass buttons, stainless steel piping, black silicone material, and wood highlights. Those sex toys would be works of art.

There is one sex toy that has a steampunk look to it the Rude Boy Prostate Massager. Its one of many anal toys that please, but this one is sleek, black, and the silver bullet has the right shininess to it to give it that otherworldly look. It also works like a champ. This is a very comfortable PicoBong Mahana.

set of feet visible. Spread your legs so you’re lower down and your hips can easily match up. If not, it may be time for the gent to bend down a bit and put his tongue to use. Be sure that you’re in the style of changing room with a closing door rather than a curtain, though – unless you plan on getting caught!

Airplane Restroom: This is going to be quick but it doesn’t have to be as dirty as it sounds! After you’ve made your plan to meet up in the restroom (we suggest while everyone is sleeping on a longer overnight flight), and have managed to cram the two of you into the ever-shrinking restrooms, you’ve got to get to work quickly rabbit vibrators . The best position we’ve heard for airplane restroom sex is a cross between standing sex and doggy style. Get your man to come from behind while slightly bent over. Try not to touch too much, and don’t even think of getting down on the floor. Also – try and keep it under 15 minutes so the airline crew don’t get suspicious!